Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Design Plan for Research Paper

Andrea Albano 

Design Plan for Research Paper

College Writing ll


                When I hear the words stem cells, the first thing I think of is what exactly a stem cell is. A stem cell is a cell that can be differentiated into a specialized type of cell. There are different kinds of treatments today that involve stem cells. One of the treatments is Therapeutic cloning. Like many stem cell treatments, there are a few controversies. One of them being therapeutic cloning is unethical and many people believe it is manufacture and destruction of human life. Those are just a few. The argument I am going to make is that therapeutic cloning is a respectable treatment in stem cell research. I am going to make points in show my audience how far this cloning has come and how it is helping today and not hurting us.

            For this specific essay, I will be writing a paper and posting on a blog. However, I do not tend for this paper to just be a boring essay. I am going to avoid just stating facts and making it more interesting so my audience wants to read it. In addition, I think if it’s more interesting, my audience will enjoy it and hopefully want to learn more about the different types of research scientist have done with stem cells. As a part of the paper, I will be using logos, ethos, and pathos. As a part of my logos, I will define words that are technical and medical words that my audience may not know. For example, therapeutic cloning. Before I researched on it, I had no clue what that was until I read that definition. Also, stem cells. When I read the definition, it was confusing so I want to make the definition simpler so my audience will be able to understand what a stem cell is.

            I don’t know entirely what therapeutic cloning is, but I do know a few things. For example, I know what therapeutic cloning is. This type of cloning is when an embryo is cloning for the tenacity to gather stem cells without getting the cells from the womb. From this cloning, scientists could help treat different types of diseases. And on many accounts, animals have been cloned. How I got this information was from a scholarly article. For my paper, I will have six academic sources. Two out of the six will be from books in my schools (Lewis University) library. Three out of the six will be scholarly articles. The articles could be from the internet but the authors have to be credential, meaning the authors have to have a PhD, has a degree in that area, or is part of that field. 

            What I hope to learn from this topic is what is therapeutic cloning and how it is used today. In addition, I would also like to learn, in general, more about therapeutic cloning. I would like to know what this type of cloning has done from when it was discovered till now and if they are making more discoveries on this topic. Anything to do with stem cells, I am for it. I came to this decision from many different things. This came from personal experiences, because I knew people personal who had treatments done by some type of stem cell treatment. Those treatments helped. Also my teachers daughter was diagnosed with cancer and thanks to stem cells, it had helped her make a recovery. This position also reflects what I have heard from my family. My family is for stem cell treatments of any kind. What me and my family believe is that if it helps you with a disease then it is a good thing. Yeah it may have some negative sides but any treatment or anything in general with have people looking on the negative side.  I think people would agree with me. Some people will disagree with me and that’s okay you are entitled to an opinion, but I want to show the facts so people are not just basing it on what they hear or see.