Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Design Plan for Research Paper

Andrea Albano 

Design Plan for Research Paper

College Writing ll


                When I hear the words stem cells, the first thing I think of is what exactly a stem cell is. A stem cell is a cell that can be differentiated into a specialized type of cell. There are different kinds of treatments today that involve stem cells. One of the treatments is Therapeutic cloning. Like many stem cell treatments, there are a few controversies. One of them being therapeutic cloning is unethical and many people believe it is manufacture and destruction of human life. Those are just a few. The argument I am going to make is that therapeutic cloning is a respectable treatment in stem cell research. I am going to make points in show my audience how far this cloning has come and how it is helping today and not hurting us.

            For this specific essay, I will be writing a paper and posting on a blog. However, I do not tend for this paper to just be a boring essay. I am going to avoid just stating facts and making it more interesting so my audience wants to read it. In addition, I think if it’s more interesting, my audience will enjoy it and hopefully want to learn more about the different types of research scientist have done with stem cells. As a part of the paper, I will be using logos, ethos, and pathos. As a part of my logos, I will define words that are technical and medical words that my audience may not know. For example, therapeutic cloning. Before I researched on it, I had no clue what that was until I read that definition. Also, stem cells. When I read the definition, it was confusing so I want to make the definition simpler so my audience will be able to understand what a stem cell is.

            I don’t know entirely what therapeutic cloning is, but I do know a few things. For example, I know what therapeutic cloning is. This type of cloning is when an embryo is cloning for the tenacity to gather stem cells without getting the cells from the womb. From this cloning, scientists could help treat different types of diseases. And on many accounts, animals have been cloned. How I got this information was from a scholarly article. For my paper, I will have six academic sources. Two out of the six will be from books in my schools (Lewis University) library. Three out of the six will be scholarly articles. The articles could be from the internet but the authors have to be credential, meaning the authors have to have a PhD, has a degree in that area, or is part of that field. 

            What I hope to learn from this topic is what is therapeutic cloning and how it is used today. In addition, I would also like to learn, in general, more about therapeutic cloning. I would like to know what this type of cloning has done from when it was discovered till now and if they are making more discoveries on this topic. Anything to do with stem cells, I am for it. I came to this decision from many different things. This came from personal experiences, because I knew people personal who had treatments done by some type of stem cell treatment. Those treatments helped. Also my teachers daughter was diagnosed with cancer and thanks to stem cells, it had helped her make a recovery. This position also reflects what I have heard from my family. My family is for stem cell treatments of any kind. What me and my family believe is that if it helps you with a disease then it is a good thing. Yeah it may have some negative sides but any treatment or anything in general with have people looking on the negative side.  I think people would agree with me. Some people will disagree with me and that’s okay you are entitled to an opinion, but I want to show the facts so people are not just basing it on what they hear or see.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photo Essay

With the research of stem cells, it has been said that many people believe stem cell research is immoral and just bad in general. Lab technicians have been able to duplicate a stem cell into infinite numbers of more stem cells and cure diseases. People do not understand that stem cell research can help diseases by duplicating stem cells. In addition, people do not understand the good in stem cell research they only focus on the negative. Even though the negatives should be looked, at most of the time people overlook the positive thus making the negatives overshadow the positives. In stem cell research, there are numerous of ways stem cells can help. The main positive, people look at, is it can help treat disease. In my essay with photos, the goal is to help people look at the positives stem cells research and stem cells has to offer.

In my original statement of purpose, I had first put that I would show how stem cell and stem cell research benefited us today, but as I was doing the essay, my original statement of purpose and my design plan didn't show through. instend my purpose was to show how stem cell and stem cell research was a positive aspect rather than a negative. I changed my photos also while doing the essay. I realized that my photos would not support my argument. I did, however, keep the narrative like I had originally plan. Also, I changed how I wanted the essay to be presented. At first I wanted the essay to be serious but then I started to see it was boring. So I changed it to be more appealing.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My experience with the Photo Essay

My experience with this photo essay is so-so. I don't mind having to take pictures and include pictures in my essay, but the thing that gets me how do we connect our photos that we took with your argument. I had a hard time getting pictures because I picked a topic in which it was hard to take the photos myself. If we could have put photos from the internet into the essay it would have been a little bit easier. Also, I think that this paper is long. I know were in college but eight to ten pages! I wish I would have been told that we were going to have to take the pictures ourselves cause if I was told that before hand I wouldn't have picked this topic. But I do like how we can add in pictures. I never did a photo essay before so I'm new to it but so far it is okay. In this essay connecting the photos and my argument was a struggle for me. In the beginning I thought I was going to do one argument and I had no idea how I was going to get information to support that argument, but when I was researching the topic, I changed my argument completely. While I was writing my essay, I am struggling to find a lot of information that isn't the same thing but stated differently. It's hard trying to find a lot of information for such a long essay and now I have to make that information connect with my photos. I was told to pick a topic that I was interested in. I picked that topic but now since I had to take pictures that I couldn't take pictures of I don't like this topic. But once I started writing my paper it wasn't so bad.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rhetorical Analysis: Autism

Andrea Albano
February 18, 2014
College Writing 2

Imagine if someone you knew has been diagnosed with autism. You would want to know anything and everything about autism. What is autism, what are the symptoms, or how will it affect you, the person who has autism and the family. There is a web site that answers all these questions. Autism Speaks is a non-profit organization, which helps parents and anyone that has been affected by the disease or want to learn more. But this organization does much more. They spread awareness throughout the world, give people a chance to see that they are not alone they have support; they help raise money to donate to research in the hopes that there may be a cure or treatments. Autism Speaks was found in the year 2005 by two loving grandparents whose grandchild had developed autism. Since then, this organization has grown into the world’s leading autism and science and advocacy organization. Through a rhetorical analysis, we will be looking at this amazing website Autism Speaks in how it appeals to the audience. When examining the website it presents an abundance of information and news. When looking at the website as a whole, there is a lot of information that is on the webpage, with all that information, specific words and pictures standout to us.

Blue boxes up at the top are links that can give more information on autism
To the right is a picture of one of many things that grabs our attention. In this picture, in grey words, is the name AUTISM SPEAKS it’s time to listen. is in the upper left and corner along with their signature logo a big puzzle piece with their awareness color blue. To the right of the logo, there is another organization called Shine a Light on Autism were you can join and donate money and participate in lighting a building blue, the official color of autism awareness. Next to Shine a Light on Autism, on the right is a box with the words Sign up of e-Speaks Updates and below is where you can type in your email address and zip code to get updates and to receive information on autism. Below the logo and the organization name, are nine little blue boxes with white writing in them. In those little blue boxes you can donate money, see what type of research there is help find a cure, and m
ore information on what autism really is, and much more. Right below those little blue boxes are seven different links in blue writing. There is a link where you can write a blog to share stories or to help someone who is going through the same thing. You can also screen your child with an excellent test to see if there are any symptoms of autism.

Visual on the left of a little three year old boy with autism and statics of autism.
  Directly below the logo and organization name and the little blue boxes, is the words DONATE NOW in big blue letters. Next to the letters in a lighter shade of blue is the notorious autism logo. Below the big blue donate now words, is a picture of a little boy. This picture is of a little boy who has developed autism with a blank look on his face. It’s an emotional picture because the little boy cannot be more the three years old and he has to go through all of these all these struggles right now when he should be playing outside and playing with toys, but instead he has to go through the struggles of doctor visits and struggles. Below the picture of an amazing little boy, in grey lettering are the words AUTISM AFFECTS. The static 1IN 88 CHILDREN is directly below the gray lettering in orange lettering. The static in a light shade of blue, 1 IN 54 BOYS is directly under the words in orange. Those two colorful statics have the most emotion in them. With these statics posted it really shows who it affects the most and that sadly anyone can develop autism. In lime green, the words LEARN THE SIGNS, directly below the static in light blue, can help you look for the signs early enough and get the help that is needed.

To the right of the emotional picture of the little three-year-old boy, are articles that are timed to change. This picture of the article to the right is one of many articles that are shown. Only four other featured articles can viewed and by viewing them, in the bottom right hand corner are four little orange boxes with white numbers. These four little boxes have the ability to view another article. For this article, in big blue letters is the title of the article. The article is how this amazing organization has provided $50,000 in buying Big Red Safety Boxes (Big Red Safety Boxes is tools kits for children that have been affected by autism). Under the big blue title, letters is a brief summer on what the article is about. To the right of the title and the summery is a picture. At picture is of big grey colored letters and one red colored letter. The on its side, the word BIG is in grey. Right next to the word big, is the word RED in red. Under the word red, are the words SAFETY BOX in grey. In the word box, the Big Red Safety Box logo replaces the O.

Underneath the different changing articles are five rows of articles. News, Research, Family Services are directly across from each other. Official Blog Posts is underneath the Research column and Advocacy News is underneath Family Services. In each column, in the right upper hand corner, the autism logo is present in white while the background is a greenish color. Only a few articles are displayed but at the bottom right hand corner Read more articles… is displayed. Some of the columns cannot expand. When looking at these columns, it gives you many articles that you can read and learn more information on. However, since there are too many articles, it makes it frustrating to read because there are too many words to process.

Autism Speaks is a non-profit organization that helps get people through the hard times of being affected by autism. It helps you learn more information, and helps you feel that there are people out there that can help you through the struggle. Also, it helps fund research by donations in the hopes that research and help find treatments and a cure. When looking at this website as a whole, it seems like a professional site. This site showed me that they have a passion for helping out people who have unfortunately have diagnosed with this horrible disease. They incorporated their official color blue as their background, and other organization that can help out. The logo and the organization name was clear and easy to locate. The columns that held all the articles, offered a lot of information. But since there were so many articles, I was looking everywhere. It was cluttered and making it frustrating to read because of all the articles. The picture of the little boy and all the facts were the most emotional. It showed how anyone can be affected especial children. So imagine if your child was diagnosed with autism, wouldn’t you like a webpage that you can find more information on?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our resposibilities to each other when we write a blog is to inform us or help us with certain situations that we have come across in our lives. A blog should keep us updated on the things that are happening or update us on whatever that blog is about. We do have a resposibilities when we commuincate with others. We have reposibilities becuase in the long run we are creating a relationship between the blogger and the person reading the blog.