Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photo Essay

With the research of stem cells, it has been said that many people believe stem cell research is immoral and just bad in general. Lab technicians have been able to duplicate a stem cell into infinite numbers of more stem cells and cure diseases. People do not understand that stem cell research can help diseases by duplicating stem cells. In addition, people do not understand the good in stem cell research they only focus on the negative. Even though the negatives should be looked, at most of the time people overlook the positive thus making the negatives overshadow the positives. In stem cell research, there are numerous of ways stem cells can help. The main positive, people look at, is it can help treat disease. In my essay with photos, the goal is to help people look at the positives stem cells research and stem cells has to offer.

In my original statement of purpose, I had first put that I would show how stem cell and stem cell research benefited us today, but as I was doing the essay, my original statement of purpose and my design plan didn't show through. instend my purpose was to show how stem cell and stem cell research was a positive aspect rather than a negative. I changed my photos also while doing the essay. I realized that my photos would not support my argument. I did, however, keep the narrative like I had originally plan. Also, I changed how I wanted the essay to be presented. At first I wanted the essay to be serious but then I started to see it was boring. So I changed it to be more appealing.

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